Declutter your home the easy way

30 Day Home Decluttering Challenge and Printable Planner

Declutter your home printable

Tired of overwhelming clutter? Not sure how to start this herculean task?

Many books and websites promise that you can declutter your whole house over a single weekend. And maybe that’s possible… if you live in a tiny home, or if you regularly throw out most of what you own.

I don't know about you, but that's not me. This 30 day planner is for the rest of us. It allows you to do it gradually in manageable chunks

The bite sized tasks will enable you to accomplish something meaningful each day. And, you won't want to give up and curl up in a corner.

Quick wins can do wonders for your outlook. You won't believe the momentum and progress you can make over a month by just doing a little each day.

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Extra space and a calmer mind starts here!

  • 40 page printable planner allows you to organize and space things out throughout the month
  • Go at your own pace without exhausting yourself.
  • Re-use the planner each month...or once a year.
  • Decluttering your home will make it feel larger
  • Your home will become a haven that makes you say “ahhhhhh”
Declutter your home challenge and printable planner
Price slash from 27 to 17
debbie gartner the flooring girl

Debbie Gartner - The Flooring Girl

I love flooring. I love transforming my customers’ homes from drab to fab.

I advise my customers on the right type of flooring and painting for their needs and budget, I help them pick out the right colors and I optimize the design layout. Now, I’ve brought together a planner for you to do the same at your home.

I have been in the flooring business for over 12 years and help customers in Westchester County, NY and lower Fairfield County, CT.

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Move from chaos to calm

Frequently asked questions

How is this printable delivered?

  • This digital file will be delivered straight to your email so you can print it immediately. And, you can print it out if you prefer.

How long will I have access to the printables?

  • You will have lifetime access. You can download it to your computer and print multiple copies for yourself. You can choose to use it once a year or each month.

What if I’m not satisfied?

  • I hope you that you will enjoy this printable and put it to good use.  Most of tips are pretty simple to implement.  But, if you’re not satisfied within 7 days, send me an email and I will refund your money.
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Price slash from 27 to 17
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